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Proposals for every bride - make your friends say "I do!"

Welcome to 2019 and congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Whether it’s in 2019, 2020, or 2021, you are another year closer to saying “I do”! I’m sure you have a long list of to-dos and perhaps resolutions for your wedding planning. I personally like to add items to my bucket list and self-improvement. This year I am starting a new recurring blog, a monthly FAQ on interesting topics brides and grooms are asking about. To start off the new year, I thought I would hit one that many newly engaged brides are thinking about… Bridesmaid proposals!!

As your proposal was Instagram-perfect, you want your proposal to your favorite ladies and lads to be just as memorable. We will touch on the 3 biggest questions you all have about your own proposal:

  1. What kind of gift should I give and how extravagant should it be?

  2. If I’m asking men and women to be on my side, should I get them the same gift or should it be different?

  3. When should I ask my maids and men to be in the wedding?

Whether you’ve known who you want standing beside you since you were twelve or you are putting your list together now, asking them is one of the funnest parts of the wedding planning process. Once they are on board you have a full team of support, love, and friends to do your planning errands with! Asking them is one small step and you can make that as important or unimportant as you want. I am personally a fan of the bridesmaid proposal that is somewhere in the middle because it allows you to get them something they’ll keep, but also doesn’t break the bank!

Here are a few ideas that fall across the board:

Ring pop proposal

Donut jewelry box

Proposal box extravaganza

Now that you have an idea of how much you want to put into this gift, you can finalize your list. It has become more and more popular for brides and grooms to include the individuals that are closest to them on their own sides regardless of gender. If you are planning on having men and women, then you can determine if you want to give a gender neutral gift or different, but similar gifts to all. For instance, a monogrammed wine glass could be good for all if everyone likes wine or substitute a beer glass for those that prefer beer (we ladies like beer too!). If you and your fiance are including mixed gender parties and are both doing proposals, you could buy the same items for the ladies and the same for the guys across the entire party. There is not a strict guideline, so have fun with and let your creative side out! Pinterest has so many fun ideas!

Timing of your proposal can depend on when you are getting married. If you just got engaged, but aren’t getting married until the end of 2020 then I would suggest waiting until the end of the year once you’re a year out to get everyone excited after the engagement excitement wears off. However, if you want your party to be involved in a lot of your planning and visits then ask them sooner, so they know what their role is in the wedding. Don’t forget, you can also do a mini proposal for your attendants, flower girls, and any other special people you want to include in your big day!

One small note!! If you want to give your party and item they will wear for the wedding day, try to give it to them closer to the wedding day so they are less likely to lose it! You would be surprised how many gifts can get lost in the shuffle and your mates end up not having that special item when it comes time to use it. That may just be a better gift for the rehearsal dinner…

So whether you want simple or grandiose, there is a proposal for you. Just as your fiance thought of the perfect proposal for you, you can find the perfect one for your favorite people! Just make sure to include this cost in your budget, as well as all other gifts you will be giving closer to the wedding (parents, party, new spouse, etc.). If you want more ideas for proposals for your mates or for your favorite little ones, check out our Pinterest board - Proposals for your other favorite people! If you're looking for DIY proposal ideas, let us know! We love to create personal items just for you and your besties...

Happy Planning!


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