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Unique guest book ideas that will have your guests wanting one for themselves

It seems that the traditional guest book is falling to the wayside and couples are looking to more creative guest books to cherish. Having a piece of art or object to display is more important to many than having another book lying around that they will only crack open on their anniversary every other year. Guest books have continued to be a treasured tradition at weddings, but we’re just stepping it up a bit. Check out the unique guest book ideas below for a little inspiration.

Rustic log book

Utilize the great outdoors and your DIY skills and create a memorable piece of art out of a log slice. This would be great for a winter or rustic barn minnesota wedding. With this type of guest book you can hang it in your home or display it as a piece of art on a shelf. It will never go out of style and something you can look at everyday.

Global family keepsake

If you and your fiance have a love for traveling, this could be the guest book for you. Use a old fashioned globe and have guests write their name or a short note to you both. This would look great in a study or as a centerpiece to your home. It could also be a start to the theme for your wedding.

Holiday ornament memento

Having a holiday themed wedding? Have guests sign individuals ornaments with a brief message. You can bring these out each year and reread the messages over and over again. This is an easy DIY project and you can utilize your wedding colors when purchasing the ornaments. Shatterproof ornaments come in almost any color at your local craft store.

Relaxing Adirondack guest memories

If you are looking at having a summer wedding or just love having backyard garden parties this is the guest book for you. Purchase a wood Adirondack chair and have guests sign the front of the chair. This will be a great piece you can cherish for a long time, as these types of chairs tend to last forever as long as they are taken care of properly. You will want to be sure to seal it once the wedding is over to protect your loved ones messages from the weather.

Board game fun

Love to play board games with your fiancè? Purchase a Jenga set and have guests write messages or memories of you and your fiancè. You can take the game out and enjoy your loved ones notes as you try not to topple the tower. This could also be done with several other specially made board games, such as a monopoly board or scrabble with your names spelled out and glued to the board. Your guests could then write on it and it could be kept as a piece of art or used and cherished every time you pass go.

What kind of guest book will you have at your wedding? Let us know in the comments!

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